16th July 2021

SEA-LNG Responds to the EU Commission’s “Fit for 55” Report

SEA-LNG welcomes the increased ambition of the EU to accelerate European shipping’s decarbonisation in its “Fit for 55” package published on 14th July 2021. The Commission recognises that waiting is not an option and that we must start cutting GHG emissions from marine fuels now while maintaining focus on air quality improvements. The EU properly recognises that decarbonisation is a journey, one in which operationally proven and commercially available LNG and bioLNG provide a first step today and which e-LNG*, produced from renewable electricity, will play a significant role in future.

The proposed package of legislation is broadly aligned with SEA-LNG’s position that goal-based and technology neutral policies are needed to ensure innovation and a level playing field for all low and zero-carbon marine fuels.  It is consistent with our view that decarbonisation of shipping will require a basket of different fuels and propulsion systems each evaluated on a full “well-to-wake” GHG lifecycle basis.  While SEA-LNG supports the global regulation of marine fuels, we believe further dialogue on “Fit for 55” will develop appropriate solutions to some of the more complex issues.

We and our members look forward to contributing to the discussions as the Commission’s proposals progress through the legislative process.


*also known as synthetic LNG