18th January 2022


Following the retirement of Stephen Cadden, SEA-LNG is delighted to announce Steve Esau’s promotion to Chief Operating Officer, plus the appointment of Adi Aggarwal as General Manager.

As SEA-LNG enters a new year, we bid adieu to Chief Operating Officer, Stephen Cadden who has elected to retire. Stephen Cadden was one of the founding consultants at SEA-LNG and has helped to guide the operation since its inception. Stephen has been instrumental in SEA-LNG becoming an internationally recognised resource on LNG’s pathway to decarbonising shipping. The SEA-LNG Board would like to express its gratitude for the passion, dedication and guidance Stephen has brought to SEA-LNG’s mission over the past few years. We wish him all the best with his future endeavours, and hope that, as a team, we can continue to maintain and drive forwards the great work Stephen has done to date.

We are proud to announce the promotion of SEA-LNG’s Director in Europe, Steve Esau, to Chief Operating Officer. Steve has over 25 years’ experience in the industry working with financial institutions, energy companies, governments and NGOs in a variety of strategic, operational and policy roles. Steve has worked closely with Stephen on the development of SEA-LNG since its inception.

Steve Esau, Chief Operating Officer, said of his appointment: “LNG as a marine fuel offers a great opportunity for our industry to make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of the global economy. Working with Stephen over the past few years, it has been a consistent pleasure to drive this mission forwards at SEA-LNG, and I hope we as a team can continue to maintain and drive forwards the great work Stephen has done to date.”

SEA-LNG also welcomes Adi Aggarwal as General Manager. Adi Aggarwal is an accomplished business development executive, technical leader, registered professional engineer, and a project management professional with over two decades of diverse global experience in the marine, offshore and subsea industries. Based in Houston, Texas, Adi brings extensive industry knowledge and education to SEA-LNG and is recognised as an industry expert by many leading maritime and financial journals. His expertise covers the convergence of commercial, regulatory, and technical requirements and their long-term impact on the gas market.

Adi Aggarwal, General Manager, commented: “I’m delighted to be joining the SEA-LNG team. LNG is a fuel in transition, rapidly evolving to meet the needs of an industry that is committed to effectively reduce emissions while maintaining profitable operations. I look forward to working with SEA-LNG and its membership to advance the understanding of the LNG pathway in our industry.”

“With this experienced team in place, SEA-LNG will continue its mission of facilitating the use of LNG as an important maritime fuel”, noted Chairman Peter Keller. “The Board and membership of SEA-LNG continue to be excited about the well documented and proven decarbonisation and air quality benefits that LNG, and the pathway forward with bio and ultimately renewable synthetic LNG, provides to the global maritime community.”