1st March 2022


New member will help to increase opportunities for retrofit collaboration across LNG marine fuel value chain

SEA-LNG, a multi-sector industry coalition established to demonstrate LNG’s benefits as a viable marine fuel, today announces the membership of Newport Shipping UK LLP, the specialist providers of comprehensive dry-docking, retrofit, repair and conversions services.

The addition of Newport Shipping strengthens the operational skill base of SEA-LNG’s membership across the LNG marine fuel value chain. It also highlights the breadth of engaged stakeholders in the LNG market, who are collaborating to achieve a cleaner and greener shipping sector, thereby helping the industry meet the environmental, commercial and operational challenges of the 21st Century.

Established in 2011 and based in the UK, Newport Shipping provides dry-docking, retrofit, repair and conversion services through 15 shipyards, and 38 docks in locations around the world. Newport Shipping supports LNG conversions through innovative financing schemes that allow ship owners to manage cashflow.

For ship owners looking to upgrade their fleet to use LNG as a marine fuel and improve environmental compliance, Newport Shipping helps with equipment procurement, full-scope design work, on-site project execution and post-delivery financing. SEA-LNG anticipates a valuable collaboration with Newport Shipping in the areas of retrofit design cost and engineering for using LNG, bioLNG, and eventually renewable synthetic LNG, as a marine fuel.

Peter Keller, Chairman, SEA-LNG, commented: “We are pleased to welcome another key player in the LNG marine fuel value chain to the coalition. Newport Shipping provides top class quality services which help the shipping industry reinforce low-carbon operations and move towards full decarbonisation. We expect Newport to provide valuable expertise to SEA-LNG’s mission.

“At SEA-LNG, we are focused on demonstrating the environmental, commercial and operational benefits of LNG, bioLNG and renewable synthetic LNG as a marine fuel and the role they can play in transforming the shipping industry. Newport Shipping is a great fit and we look forward to further collaborating with the team.”

Lianghui Xia, Managing Director Operations at Newport Shipping said: “We are pleased to be joining the SEA-LNG coalition. Its ground-breaking work has stood out for a number of years, as it provides shipowners and operators with valuable analysis of the costs and benefits of the LNG pathway.

“As specialists in low-carbon naval architecture projects, we look forward to adding value to the coalition with our unique perspective. We are proud of our turn-key solutions for LNG-fuelled vessels and we look forward to working with SEA-LNG and our fellow members in future.”

The addition of Newport Shipping comes at an exciting time for LNG as a marine fuel. It is widely recognised that the pathway to maritime decarbonisation using LNG, bioLNG and renewable synthetic LNG is a clear, safe and practical one. This is evidenced by the strong orderbook for LNG-fuelled vessels. According to the latest Clarksons data, 34 container ships were ordered in January, of which 15 are LNG dual-fuel designs. With the commercial weight behind LNG, it is important that stakeholders throughout the value chain communicate and collaborate.