15th November 2022

SEA-LNG Member Gasum signs collaboration agreement with Pavilion Energy and CNOOC to strengthen global LNG bunker supply network

SEA-LNG Member Gasum, together with Pavilion Energy, and CNOOC Gas and Power Group have signed an agreement for strategic collaboration to strengthen the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunker supply network for their customers in the world’s top three bunkering regions: Singapore, North-West Europe (including Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp), as well as China coastal areas.

The agreement will allow the three parties to leverage one another’s local expertise, strong logistics capabilities, and in-depth experience in LNG bunkering operations to bring ease, efficiency, and operational flexibility across global supply points to customers.

The agreement aims to establish central links across the West and East in key LNG-bunker ready ports that include the Baltic and North Sea ECA (North-West Europe); key Chinese ports such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Ningbo; as well as Singapore.

Extending existing cooperation

The agreement is an extension of Member Gasum’s partnership with Pavilion Energy signed in October 2020 to collaboratively develop the LNG bunker supply network in Singapore and Northern Europe.  CNOOC’s participation will boost this industry alliance and further encourages the uptake of LNG as a cleaner marine fuel, in line with the maritime industry’s decarbonisation efforts, as well as the International Maritime Organisation’s agenda to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are very happy about this partnership with Pavilion Energy and CNOOC, not only because it expands our geographical reach and broadens our offering, but this agreement is also an excellent example of the kind of global collaboration that is needed to achieve a carbon-neutral future – no company can do this alone. The purpose of Gasum is to help our customers and partners transition towards cleaner energy and we see LNG as a very important stepping stone in decarbonizing the maritime industry”, says Mika Wiljanen, CEO of Gasum.

“Pavilion Energy is very pleased to deepen our cooperation with Gasum and at the same, for the opportunity to also collaborate with another world-class partner CNOOC, to complement our existing networks. The synergies of our operations will further facilitate customers’ access and demand for efficient, competitive, and optimised LNG bunkering solutions”, Alan Heng, Group CEO of Pavilion Energy states.

“CNOOC Gas and Power Group is thrilled to partner with Pavilion Energy and Gasum to develop the LNG bunkering business.  This tripartite cooperation is a crucial measure for CNOOC Gas and Power Group to develop a worldwide LNG bunkering supply network and it hopes to promote cooperatives in facilitating a low-carbon future at sea.” says Rongwang Zhang, Vice President General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer of CNOOC Gas and Power Group.

As the biggest distributor of LNG in Northern Europe Gasum is strengthening the position of LNG in North West Europe and the Nordics, in accordance with the EU strategy for LNG. In 2021 Gasum performed over 1,300 ship-to-ship and truck-to-ship deliveries of LNG through its complete value chain which serves the distribution of both liquefied natural gas and liquefied biogas (LBG or Bio-LNG).