24th March 2023

SEA-LNG welcomes provisional FuelEU Maritime agreement

SEA-LNG, the multi-sector industry coalition established to advocate for LNG and its decarbonisation pathway for shipping, welcomes the provisional agreement reached yesterday (March 24th) morning in the FuelEU Maritime informal trilogues between the European Parliament and the Council. SEA-LNG applauds the efforts of all of those involved in the FuelEU Maritime for their efforts to reach an agreement on what is a key regulation.

In particular, SEA-LNG welcomes the fact that LNG and the pathway to bio and renewable synthetic e-LNG will play a key role in delivering this provisional agreement. We look forward to continuing our work with the EU institutions to ensure a swift adoption and engaging with the European Commission to ensure a uniform implementation of the Regulation.

Following months of intense discussions, negotiations on the FuelEU Maritime Regulation came to a close, following a marathon trilogue ending at 4:30 am, with a provisional agreement that will need to be approved by the Council Committee of Permanent Representatives and Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee, and then the Parliament and Council as a whole.

Although the text of the provisional agreement has yet to be published, the agreement includes a trajectory for ships to cut emissions by 2% as of 2025, 6% as of 2030, 14.5% as of 2035, 31% as of 2040, 62% as of 2045 and 80% as of 2050. The deal also includes a 2% renewable fuels usage target as of 2034 if the Commission reports that in 2031 renewable fuels of non-biological origin (RFNBO) amount to less than 1% of the fuel mix.

For more information on the deal, please see the press releases from the European Parliament, Council, and European Commission welcoming the provisional agreement.