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LNG bunkering infrastructure: Shore-to-ship LNG bunkering in Jacksonville

Risk allocation and partnerships

Eagle LNG and Crowley Maritime have developed an innovative supply chain for LNG bunkering in the space of two short years. Their success has been based on choosing the right, experienced partners, and the right business models, enabling risks to be shared which is vital in the early stages of market development when infrastructure is scarce.

Fact Box

Maxville liquefaction plant

Ownership – Eagle LNG (100%)
Initial liquefaction capacity: 87,000 gallons/d (330 cum/d);
maximum liquefaction capacity: 200,000 gallons/d (760 cum/d)
One LNG storage tank 1,000,000 gallons (3,800 cum)
Commissioning Q4 2017

Talleyrand marine LNG terminal

Ownership – Fuel depot, Eagle LNG (100%); terminal, Crowley (100%)
Shore-to-ship bunkering – loading rate 1,800-2,400 gallons per minute under normal loading conditions
Fuel depot consists of two LNG storage tanks of 265,000 gallons (1,000 cum) capacity each
LNG is transported by truck from Eagle LNG’s Maxville plant
Commissioning Q4 2017

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