There is growing shipper and consumer pressure for more environmentally friendly logistics

Increasingly, major shippers are looking for environmentally friendly international supply chains in response to consumer, policy and societal pressures.

Many companies, such as Unilever, IKEA and Volkswagen (VW), have publically stated that they are aiming to ‘green’ their entire marine and land transportation logistics. For example, in January 2016, Unilever announced that, wherever possible, it intends to move its transport contracts to companies that operate LNG-powered trucks and ships. Similarly, in October 2016, the VW Group stated that, from 2019, the VW Group Logistics will use two LNG-powered charter vessels from Siem Car Carriers for the marine transport of vehicles.

SEA\LNG anticipates that, due to the recent IMO decision, others will follow and environmental stewardship will become a more central element of the commercial negotiations between shippers and their maritime vendors.