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LNG as a marine fuel – Our zero emissions future starts now

13th February 2020

Now that we have passed 1st January 2020, the much anticipated global sulphur cap is finally a reality. The importance of this clean air initiative for global health is widely agreed and should not be under emphasised. Likewise, the critical role that LNG can play in clean air and global health initiatives must not be forgotten or trivialised as these are still matters of real concern to the world’s citizens.

This time last year we said 2019 would be the year of acceleration for LNG, and it was! With increasing orders for LNG-fuelled vessels and LNG bunker vessels, together with expanding infrastructure shoreside to provide the critical last-mile delivery of LNG to ships; LNG as a marine fuel remains THE economic and environmental choice. Increasingly too, LNG is seen as THE transition fuel to a net-zero carbon future. While we anticipate LNG as marine fuel will evolve into bio or synthetic methane, the LNG safety and operational guidelines, as well as infrastructure, will act as best practice for the adoption of alternative fuels over the longer term.

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