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LNG as marine fuel – the PCTC Investment opportunity

11th July 2019

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a safe, mature, commercially viable marine fuel offering superior local emissions performance, significant Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction benefits and a potential pathway to a zero-emissions shipping industry.

To support shipowners and operators in analysing options in an informed way, while simultaneously providing a deeper analysis of the assumptions that go into the 2020 decision process, SEA-LNG commissioned this second in a series of independent studies by simulation and analytics experts Opsiana. To ensure the best possible data was available to Opsiana, SEA-LNG members contributed maritime expertise and current, timely background information to ensure a high level of creditability in the study and results. The study considered two PCTC trading scenarios using a 6,500 Car Equivalent Unit (CEU) vessel on the Atlantic Trade and an 8,000 CEU vessel on the Pacific Trade.

This study clearly indicates that LNG as a marine fuel delivers the best return on investment on a net present value (NPV) basis over a conservative 10-year horizon. The analysis shows fast paybacks from one to three years for the Atlantic Trade and below two years for the Pacific Trade.

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